Sunday, March 29, 2015

PaperCrafter's Corner Magazine Monday #92

     This is going to be a rough week.  I only got in about an hour and a half of papertherapy this weekend, not nearly enough!  Then I was torn with how to spend that little bit of time, hopping with my FiskaFriends or doing my favorite paper challenge.  Steph, you won!  LOL!  I really wanted to be able to do the Fiskateer Blog Hop, but I desperately needed some hands-on time in the craft room.  I feel better now.  :o)
     This week's challenge was an easy one:  a red border and a birthday theme.  I am so behind in sending out birthday cards that this is something I really needed.  I cannot imagine sending out a store-bought card at this point, and I think homemade is what is expected.  But when I don't get craft time. . . .
PCC Inspiration
     Yes, moving on. . . .  I lifted my sketch from Dawn Olchefske, a talented Stampin Up dealer I follow.  If you are looking for inspiration, she has lots to offer.
I used up some scraps.  The sentiment is by Die-Mensions.  Love the swirls! 

Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

PaperCrafter's Corner Magazine Monday #91     Well, here's the inspiration piece from PaperCrafter's Corner.  I couldn't quite connect with sexy native girl.  I'm more Gramma Church Lady.  LOL!  I went more with the layout for my card.  My main graphic is large and extends over the heading, as does the one on the magazine cover.  I also put a smaller sentiment on the bottom.  You can't see the best part.  I used an Action Wobbler.  Love those things. 
     Since the card is for my very rough-and tumble-two-this-week grandson, I decided to distress the edges a bit.  Once I did, I was sorry, but with the googly eyes and the wiggle of the wobbler, it's still a fun card, I think.  The graphic is once again from the very talented Mary Ellen at  Free Dearie Dolls Digi Stamps.  I used a white background, cut on my new Cricut, over the white cardbase.  I let the Cricut do the writing, too. 
     Although I have put movies on my blog before, I can't remember right now how to do it, so I'm adding a still shot of the wobbler in motion. . . as though that makes any sense!  Anyway, thanks for looking!  :o)

Sunday, March 15, 2015

PaperCrafter's Corner Magazine Monday #90!

     Congratulations to Stephanie Hackney for 2 years at the helm of PaperCrafter's Corner!  I've only been following about a year, but I have learned a lot, had some great fun, and won some terrific prizes, so I encourage everyone to come play!  You won't be disappointed!     Steph says that the only real requirements for Magazine Monday are that your project must involve paper and it must be submitted before the deadline.  That's a good thing, because I got a little far afield this week.  We did a lady in green last week, but I went through my stash looking for similar this week.  I came up with a lady in purple!  Well, it is a lady, kinda!  :o)  And it so me.  Okay, I don't have a tree house.  The rest is pretty true. 
     Well, I started making my card and left it overnight.  I used the wrong glue to adhere foam between the layers and it caused some of the ink to blur.  We often say, "No mistakes in papercrafting, just opportunities to embellish.  So I went all "Kristina Werner" on it!  (Yes, I give her credit and will link her to this.)  She is big on playing with inks and inks with water.  That's what I did.  And I love it!  Just glad I have a door I can close on my craft room.  I left quite a mess.  :o)

Sunday, March 8, 2015

PaperCrafters Corner Magazine Monday #89
PCC Week #89
     Since I had already downloaded the cutest little St. Patrick's Day Granny from Free Dearie Dolls Digi Stamps, I knew exactly what I would do for this week's challenge.  My Granny is dressed in green and wears a hat, too!  I made an easel card and a gift box for a special friend.  It was such fun to be able to give it to her when she came to visit this week!  Thanks for stopping by.          

Sunday, March 1, 2015

PaperCrafter's Corner Magazine Monday #88 in 20 minutes     This one was fun and easy.  (They are always fun, but not always easy!)  As soon as I saw this week's inspiration piece from PaperCrafter's Corner,  I knew what I would do.  I cut out a couple of suitcases using a Sizzix suitcase die, and put them together with brads and a little double sided tape.  I printed out a few tiny travel stickers I found in Print Shop.  Now I have some treat boxes to share with DGD and her friend when I pick her up from preschool tomorrow.  This Gramma knows how to score points!  :)  Thanks, Steph!