Saturday, August 23, 2014

Craft Room Redo, Part II

I told you it was many steps!
I won this wall decor by filling out a survey for DCWV.  I think it's perfect for my craft room door!  And it looks pretty cool from the other end of the hall!
      My main purchases for this room were the shelves from Home Depot, two work tables from Walmart and THREE Ott lites from  (But they were 60% off!)  Bedroom overhead lighting just wasn't going to cut it. 
     There are two work stations.  DGD has already claimed one, as was my intention, but she will share--like it or not!
     All my stamps, except the background stamps are unmounted and in binders on EZ mount.  Love this system.  Two or more stamp sets will fit on each side of a double-sided page.  
     With the help of a small step stool, everything is in reach--and visible, because "out of sight, out of mind!" 

     Finder's keepers!  My daughter left this apothecary CD cabinet behind in our garage. The many drawers are perfect for holding glitter, embossing powders, Stickles, paint brushes, and a million other things.  It sits in front of, but out from, the storage area created by removing the closet doors.  The built in desk in the corner is perfect for my sewing machine.

Ikea towel racks on plywood hold lots of punches.  This was blocking the fireplace in the family room.  :o(  Works better in here!

     I've had these bins for a long time, but actually broke the rack moving it and had to replace it.  The bins hold stamping tools, background stamps, small paper pads, and all my dies.  I love this thing.  And, of course, I have my rain gutters attached to the from for spools of ribbon.  I do have a lot of ribbon, but, you know, how cheap those are when Michaels has sales! 

     This is the wall behind the door.  I have my Fiskars border punches in Ikea baskets hung from Ikea towel racks. 
     My stamp pads are above that in a Napa Valley cassette holder.  The few that don't fit in the slots sit nicely on top.
     The drawers hold a kajillion small punches, including corner punches. 
     On top of that are all my embellishments, i.e., buttons, brads, etc., with a container for each color.  The small containers fit into the larger box-like container.

     Next to this, on a wooden cabinet under the window, sits my beloved Fiskars Fuse.  I can't believe I forgot to take a picture of it!
     The room will never be this neat again, but there will always be room for anyone who wants to play at my house!


  1. Awesome craft room. A lot of great ideas. Have a crafty fun time

  2. Loving it! You are ready to create!

  3. Love everything about your new room! What a fun place to create! Mostly I'm praising the Lord that you feel good enough to do all this. Enjoy every minute you have in there.

  4. Your new craft room is amazing. Your great organization ideas makes me want to redo/reorganize my craft room! So happy and praising God for your restored health! Enjoy!

  5. Cant' wait to come over to your "store" and play....WOW, this is Fabulous....

  6. Your room looks great, Suzi! It is also making me feel like I don't have the overwhelming amount of crafting things to deal with that I thought I did! �� I just did a short video of mine today to put on YouTube. But, after I did it I thought of a couple of things I should have said, so I will re-do it soon.

  7. Wow WOW ((( W O W )))
    You have an AMAZING Craft Room & Sooooo Organized!! FANtabulous!!! (Y)

  8. Suzi, LOVE your craft room!
    Q: how did you attach your rain gutters to your shelves?

  9. Please tell us how you attached the rain gutters to the front of the shelves. Thanks! Anita