Sunday, November 22, 2015

PaperCrafter's Corner: Week 124

     My, oh, my, I can't believe it has been so long since I posted!  A schedule change meant I didn't have two days in a row to craft.  I can't manage to get very creative without that.  Maybe it is because I'm old.  Maybe if I left myself notes I could remember what I had planned to do the second day.  Now I'm so far behind I hardly know where to start!  But I did manage to make my daughter a birthday card! 
     This is an easel card using a free svg file from Miss Kate Cuttables.  She has adorable svgs!  My daughter, a teacher, is Mrs. Howell.  When she got married some of the little girls in her class misunderstood and drew wedding pictures of Mrs. Owl.  It stuck!  Owls are her thing now.  They celebrate their 5th anniversary next month.
     The "Happy Birthday" is a gift card packet.  It had a little music button to push.  On the final version, which I forgot to photograph, I put an "x" near the owl, over the button, with a tag saying, "X marks the spot."  If the x was pushed while the card was still folded up, the music played.  She was quite tickled.  My son-in-law thinks I'm a genius!  HaHa!
     I have a lot of Magazine Monday covered: pumpkins, fall colors, leaves; and something I'm thankful for, my sweet daughter, "Mrs. Owl."
     Thank you, PCC.  I've missed you!


  1. Freakin' adorable and so glad to see you crafting again. Think of you often-hoping all is well with you and yours.

  2. Welcome back, Suzi! Love your adorable owl card!!