Tuesday, January 31, 2017

DCWV January Stack-a-holic Challenges

     Oh, yes, I am slow!  But sure!  I'm finally ready to post my Stack-a-holic challenges, both the card and scrapbook layout challenge.  Yay!  That's two things I got accomplished this month!
     I had to take two pictures of my card.  It wasn't complete without the inside!  The red bordering the pictures is just the table it was sitting on.  Sorry.

     Of course, it's too late to play along this month, unless you are really speedy, but do check out the DCWV challenges.  Great fun!  Thanks for checking me out!


  1. Adore seeing your work!, especially love the card, so much fun!

  2. Really adorable layout and cards!! Congratulations on winning Top 10 on DCWV's January Stack A Holic Challenge!! Hope you are on the mend and always praying for you!