Sunday, January 11, 2015

PCC's Magazine Monday, #82, and my 'New" Christmas Tree

     So glad to be back into the more normal swing of things.  I've missed PaperCrafter's Corner's weekly challenge and am ready to play again.  I was thrilled to win the Cricut Expression during their 12 Days of Christmas.  I mean really thrilled, but it didn't come in time to set it up and learn to use it for this competition.  Next week! 
     There was something else in the box that I used!  A magazine!  Steph, you are so sweet!  The box even had some of the red polka dot paper on the outside and the Day 12 tag inside.  Fun and festive.  Even DH was tickled.
     Back to the magazine.  Steph encouraged us to use a magazine in our project.  I used a page from the magazine in my prize box, one that didn't have recipes on it, of course.  The paper has a nice weight to it, so I die-cut the letters for my title, punched a border, and used a strip for a horizontal embellishment.  Can you see it?

     DGD turned 5 just after Christmas.  She had been talking for months about having a "Frozen" birthday party, but she also loves to say "gato morado."  I guess it just flows off the tongue.  I dunno.  It's her favorite thing to say in Spanish.  When we tell someone she is in dual immersion preschool, she likes to add, "And I can say purple cat in Spanish!  Gato morado!"  Anyway, just a few days before her birthday, she changed the theme.     The inspiration piece had a bold title and a purplish background with a scattering of shapes and confetti-like bits.  I used those elements, but didn't go so much with the pastels.  I used pop-dots on most of the "gatos morados."  Wasn't sure I liked it, but when DGD saw it, she loved it.  So I'm happy.  In the end, that's what it's all about.
     And to my Christmas tree!  I decided, after 45 Christmases with my DH, I am through putting up and taking down a tree.  I lifted an idea from Pinterest.  I've spent several days, and a couple of blisters, hot gluing all our ornaments on to a 4 x 6 foot cork board.  I'm very pleased with the results.  When I get it out next year, I will add lights, maybe some ribbon, and be done!  :o)
     Thanks for looking!


  1. Very cool card and Christmas tree Suzi!! Have fun with your new toy! :)

  2. The layout is wonderful!! And, I really like the 'tree' idea.