Sunday, February 15, 2015

Crafting in 20 minutes or less with PaperCrafters Corner

     Once again, DGD  (DearGrandDaughter) and I made Valentines for her preschool class.  Her part was mainly signing them, which took much longer than making them.  I used a large Spellbinder Spiral Blossom die, like this one:
     I punched a hole in the center, curled the paper around a pencil starting on the outside part, stuck a Tootsie pop into the center hole and let the paper uncoil into a flower.  Putting Sequoia's tag on the bottom of the flower kept it all in place.  Pretty fast.  I can make quite a few in 20 minutes.  :o)



  1. Such a sweet way to serve up treats! Great idea!

  2. Suzi, you always have the best ideas! Your DGD is going to be a hit at school with them! Or was, since Valentine's is now past. Great layout as well. Always so inspiring!

  3. The flower pops look awesome. I agree with Pamela, you always have such great ideas. Well done.