Sunday, February 22, 2015

PaperCrafters Corner Magazine Monday #87

Papercrafting Challenge: Magazine Mondays - Week 87 Inspiration Piece (image)     Well, first I'll show you the inspiration from PaperCrafters Corner, then the longer than usual story as to how "we" arrived at our finished project.
     DH, dear hubby, and I provide child care for our DGD (Dear Granddaughter) four or five days a week, usually.  But with Mommy and Daddy both working out-of-town for a two week stretch, Gramma and Papa were kept extra busy entertaining our recently turned 5-year-old.  Okay, it works both ways.  She entertains us, too.  We are all tired at the end of these days.
     Before her mom left, she asked if I might figure a way to come up with some game pieces for a Disney game she purchased at Savers. It was all there except for the little marker things.  She knew she could print out characters, but needed a way to make them stand to move around the board.  No problem.  I have a box of wooden blocks from rubber stamps that I altered to be cling stamps.  That was a couple of years ago, but I knew I would be able to use the blocks eventually.  (Side note:  these were the blocks that fell through a toilet paper tube.  That's how you can tell whether or not they are save for a toddler to play with.  Those that didn't fall through, have been in a toy cubby and seen much love as roads, houses, cars, etc.  These were the toddler rejects.) 
     I figured out the size, and DGD and I decided which characters we wanted from free Disney clipart we found on the net.  I printed out a separate sheet for DGD, so she could craft with them, too.  And craft, she did!  She made a game!   
 Well, after a time of basking in my preschooler's brilliance, I saw the similarities of her game with the inspiration piece, circles and people. . . I hope you see it, too.  Because hers was made on computer paper, I tried to get DGD to draw it on cardstock, but she assured me she was tired of drawing shapes. 

      We moved on to Mod Podge.  We adhered  printed cardstock to a thin cardboard, then used more Mod Podge to cover the board before and after sticking down punched squares.  All the characters are MP'ed front and back of the stamping blocks.  DIL, daughter-in-law, needed 12 game pieces, but we made lots.  DGD numbered small pieces of paper to draw and determine how many squares to move, but I think she figured out how to cheat with those.  "Elsa" always won.  So I found some dice to use when she comes back this week.  :o)  
     I warned you it was longer than usual.  Thanks for looking. 


  1. Your DGD is a genius! I can tell she gets it from you. Who would have thought to make game pieces from stamp blocks?? Great work!!

  2. Just saw your project on Papercrafter's and had to say how much fun I thought it is! What a great idea to do with a child, bet she loved it!!