Sunday, May 10, 2015

PaperCrafters Corner Magazine Monday #98     Okay, I made them pose for this one!  But I needed a May page in DGD's page-a-month scrapbook, so decided this would be great.  I will add a journaling block with the confession that it was staged. . . just in case we forget.  :o)
     Besides the photo, I used a red and black heading, a large circle (all of which I cut with the Cricut!) and, of course, the Mother's Day theme from the inspiration piece.  It wasn't long ago I was complaining about not being able to cut large letters.  Now I can cut them up to 24" tall!
     My background paper is beige with tiny hearts.  The wall in front of which my lovelies are standing is kind of tan.  The 2015 tag is from an upcycled manilla folder.  I think it makes the photo look a little underexposed.  It looks much better in person!  And this week I will get that light box put together!  Better photos are ahead, I hope!
    Thanks for the fun, PCC!


  1. This is a terrific layout and love your attention to details!

  2. Oh my gosh!! I saw this on the Magazine Monday challenge and had to come over to tell you how much I love it!! What an absolutely adorable and fun layout and GREAT take on the magazine cover!!