Sunday, January 31, 2016

PaperCrafter's Corner, Magazine Monday #130


     Here's my little girl!  Zooming through kindergarten now.  Not staying little for long.  I asked her to stop growing, but she said, "Sorry, Gramma, I can't.  My body has a mind of its own." 
     So we hit another first:  a lost tooth. Thanks to PaperCrafter's Corner, I'm motivated to get
more done on DGD's page-a-month scrapbook. I've gotten way behind.
     The cut files I used are all from Miss Kate Cuttables.  She has great stuff and free files everyday!  The paper is some I've had for a long while from Piggy Tales.  When I was cutting the dotted paper, I realized the back is kind of chalkboard-y.  That gave me the idea to follow the PCC challenge to use my own handwriting, so I made the banner.  I also needed to explain why Gramma had the tooth the fairy had taken away.  I wrote that out, too.  I like writing on my pages.  My writing isn't up to some of the great stuff you see these days, but it's part of me that I want to leave for Sequoia.   The background of the inspiration piece has lots of straight little lines.  Mine does, too.  My crowns are the same shape as the eyebrows on the cover.  My model is cuter, and I'm not at all prejudice.
     Thanks to PCC for enticing me to be creative in the midst of turmoil.  I needed that!

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